Style Cities: Madrid

In style city articles we will discuss various cities and what they have to offer in terms of menswear. 

Madrid is one of the hubs of menswear in Europe often forgotten when talking about menswear as Italy usually grabs most of the attention. It has set itself up as a capital for fashion and has many brands that can compete on equal footing in terms of quality and design with big brands established in the U.K. and Italy. 

In terms of upscale clothing, one brand comes to mind. MAN 1924, which have consistently proved that they have the creative minds that can churn out designs equivalent to those in Napoli. They have recently been in the blogosphere and prevalent in this year’s Pitti Uomo. 

In terms of upscale shoes and boots, the dominant name in the spanish shoe industry shines, Carmina. Carmina has a long history of and is internationally known for their designs and quality. They are shoes that people swear by, and are the standard for many other shoe brands that are constantly compared to it. 

These are two brands that you should check it out if you visit Madrid, and have some cash to spend on some quality goods. Or you can always go window shopping like me. 

-The Tribune

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